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A High Performance of Coal Contractor
Sumber Mitra Jaya conducts as a coal mining contracting in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Not just a name in infrastructure construction and contracting Sumber Mitra Jaya (SMJ) has also established itself as a contracting company in the field of coal mining. SMJ’s story in coal mining contracting began as a subcontractor of coal production and overburden removal. In 1986, SMJ started groundbreaking work for both state-owned and private mining companies. 
SMJ has operated coal mining services in Tanjung Enim in South Sumatra for PT. Bukit Asam Tbk. and in East Kalimantan for PT. Berau Coal, PT. Supra Bara Energi, PT. Kideco Jaya Agung and PT. Kalimantan Energy Lestari. SMJ continues to operate its coal mining contracting business today.
Sumber Mitra Jaya
PT. Supra Bara Energi
Berau Regency
East Kalimantan Province
PT. Bukit Asam Tbk.
Tanjung Enim Regency
South Sumatra Province
PT. Kideco Jaya Agung
East Kalimantan Province