COVID-19 Solidarity

In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Sumber Mitra Jaya has donated medical equipment to support Indonesia’s effort to control pandemics and minimize the outbreak of COVID 19. Medical equipment such as ventilator, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical mask and many more have been donated directly to several hospitals in Jakarta.

Share The Kindness

Sumber Mitra Jaya has been constantly participating/supporting various charitable causes over the years. This participation is on weekly basis and focuses on providing the daily needs for several orphanage, nursing home other similar institution. Our mission is not only making a donation but making a difference.

Equality in Education and Health

To support the equality in education, Yayasan Saroja Ammal Sejahtera is providing scholarships for the under privileged children in Medan. We strongly believe everyone should get same opportunity education. With this education aid fund, the under priviledge children in Medan can realize their dream by pursuing higher education.

Yayasan Saroja Ammal Sejahtera also has a mission to protect individuals or families from low income group in Medan by providing BPJS healthcare faciltiy program. This program is to increase access to basic healthcare for the low incomes family/individuals in Medan.