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The Learning Curve of Amba

Mr. Amba began working for the company as a finance manager in December 1999. However, his strong willingness and determination have propelled him to the position of director.

He had experience in finance as well as the garment industry. However, the current President Director and Chairman, supported Mr. Amba by assigning two senior mining experts to tutor him.

"At the start of my career with Mitra Jaya Group, I already had a background in finance and costing, but only in the garment industry. However, the way finance works in mining is completely different. Long ago, every Friday morning at 10, I was guided by senior experts at the office on the intricacies of mining accounting. Additionally I was coached the fundamentals of communicating with the society surrounding the site."

Amba recalls that after three years with the company, he was trusted by his superior to do all of the jobs on his own, while being supervised by management.

During his tenure, he stated that the company's simple yet critical success was led by the Chairman’s firm and brilliant leadership. Amba stated that under his administration, he was able to provide opportunities for all employees to explore and collaborate. "In my personal experience, he was able to encourage me to push my limits even when it seemed impossible at times," he explained.

For more than four decades, Mitra Jaya Group has focused on how each individual can collaborate with others to unlock endless possibilities in the company. Amba's inspiring journey demonstrates this.