Toll Road
To connect major cities and national projects
Mitra Jaya Group proceeds with key toll road construction projects.
Toll Road
Connecting and Integrate Your Mobility
To connect major cities and national projects, Mitra Jaya Group proceeds with key toll road construction projects.

Mitra Jaya Group has long been involved in the field of infrastructure development in Indonesia. One of the crucial infrastructure goals in the country is to build toll roads that would connect the various cities in this country’s great islands. Since 2018, Mitra Jaya Group has started to pioneer and participate in the construction of toll roads that will allow better transportation methods for the Indonesian people. Starting with the Pemalang Batang Toll Road in 2018, Mitra Jaya Group will now take on other key projects such as Jalan Tol Semarang Harbor, and Jalan Tol Pasar Jumat Parung
Pemalang Batang
Toll Road
In 2018 PT Sumber Mitra Jaya completed the Pemalang Batang Toll Road as a part of the new Trans-Jawa Toll Road. In cooperation with PT Waskita Toll Road, SMJ completed the construction of a 39.2 kilometer road that has two sections. Section I (Pemalang–Pekalongan) spans 23.3 kilometers and Section II (Pekalongan–Batang) spans 15.9 kilometers. The toll road has been operational since November 2018.
Furthermore, the toll road has a major intersection in the east end, which is the Batang–Semarang Toll Road, and another in the west end, which is the Pejagan–Pemalang Toll Road. Both of these toll roads are also operational. They also form a part of the Trans-Jawa Toll Road that will connect cities from across Merak, Banten to Banyuwangi, East Jawa.
Jalan Tol
Semarang Harbor
PT Sumber Mitra Jaya with PT Waskita Toll Road are ready to take on another significant infrastructure project by pioneering the construction of the Jalan Tol Semarang Harbour Project. Unlike many other toll roads, the Jalan Tol Semarang Harbour is envisioned to be an integrated structure of toll road, sea dike and polder that will solve various environmental problems such as flood abrasions and clean water supply for Semarang. The project is also expected to drive economic growth with high logistical mobility. 
The construction of the Semarang Harbour Toll Road is scheduled to commence in 2021 and to be start operation by 2023. The starting point of the toll road is located in Kaliwungu, Kendal Regency, and will be connected to Semarang–Batang Toll Road, before subsequently ending in Kaligawe, Semarang. There will be five strategic national projects connected to this project there are the Kendal Industrial Area, Ahmad Yani International Airport, Tanjung Emas Harbour, Semarang–Demak Toll Road and Semarang–Batang Toll Road.

Upcoming Project

Jalan Tol Pasar Jumat Parung